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I am looking to buy or trade for the following items.

  • Any Mugen parts: engine kits, pipes, cylinders, heads, crossbar pads.

  • I am especially interested in locating a 1985 CR250 Mugen Engine Kit for my next Mugen project.

I am also looking for these parts.

  • 1980 Honda CR125R

    • Gas tank rear rubber strap

    • Air box cover & o-ring

    • O-ring for side panels

    • Stock rear fender

  • 1975 Honda CR250

    • motor

    • Stock white front fender

    • Stock white rear fender

  • 1976 Honda MR250

    • Stock white front fender

    • Stock white rear fender

    • tail light

    • original tool kit

  • A white Preston Petty Tony D MX front and rear fender.

  • THOR swingarm to finish my Steve Wise replica CR.

    • 17.5" Spring type Fox Shox

    • Fox Factory Piggyback Shox

    • 1971-1989 DIRT BIKE and MOTOCROSS ACTION magazines

    • If you have something I am looking for or need a part, E-mail me at

      Page last updated : Jan. 11, 2010